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Types of Roof Vent Caps

There are many different types of roof vent caps available. You can choose from Lomanco, Builder’s Best, Star-Kap, and Imperial 12″ roof vent caps. Read on to learn more about each type and how they work. To ensure a quality vent cap, choose the brand that fits your house’s design and climate. The following article will discuss some of the most common types of roof vent caps and how to pick the right one for your home.

Lomanco roof vent cap

Lomanco makes many different types of roof vents. The DRB-24 Cupola is one example. Made of durable aluminum, it includes an 8×8 perma-coated screen, built-in rain shield, and weather protection. If you are looking for a high-end, sophisticated solution to your ventilation needs, the DRB-24 Cupola is the perfect choice. The DRB-24 is also available with an optional off-ridge exhaust system.

The P60 PRO is another example of an advanced feature plastic roof vent. This product provides sixty square inches of net free space. Made from polypropylene, it is strong and will not crack or dent even in the coldest climate. The polypropylene also contains special additives that offer superior resistance to fading and UV degradation. This roof vent cap comes in black, brown, or gray colors. This is a high-quality roof vent that will last for many years.

Builder’s Best roof vent cap

Among the newest innovations on the market is the Builder’s Best roof vent cap. This product helps homeowners to get the right amount of ventilation to keep the interior of their home comfortable and safe from harmful elements. These vents are essentially mechanical ventilators that are useful for various applications. You can install them on both the upper and lower floors of your home. Moreover, they are compatible with a variety of roofing materials and can be used in a variety of constructions.

Metal-roof vent caps by Builder’s Best are a great choice for homes that experience heavy air flow. These vent caps are made from rust-resistant aluminum and feature removable screens. These vent caps can even be used for laundry venting, allowing homeowners to vent clothes dryers and other appliances. These caps are treated with high-performance polyester powder to provide superior corrosion resistance. They’re also made in the United States of America, which means you’ll have peace of mind when using these roof vents.

Star-Kap roof vent cap

The Field Controls Star-Kap roof vent cap has several advantages over other types of caps. Its patented design prevents wind from blowing down the chimney flue, preventing the potential for roof collapse. Plus, it won’t bend when a roofer leans on it. It won’t allow squirrels to build nests in your home’s attic, either. So, how does the Star-Kap work?

The Star-Kap roof vent cap is an excellent choice for homes with round ducting. It’s compatible with 6-inch ducting and features extra-rigid brackets and a heavy-duty insect screen. Star-Kap roof vent caps are also available with aluminized construction to help prevent downdrafts and assist the vent in exhausting waste gases. This specialized cap is ideal for high-efficiency ventilation systems.

Imperial 12″ roof vent cap

A standard 4″ roof vent cap does not have to be a traditional metal one. Its white plastic hinged design allows it to fit any type of vent. If you are installing a dryer, you can use the universal Imperial 4″ roof vent cap. It keeps rodents and birds out. And, if you have a bathroom fan, this vent cover will work with any size dryer. This cap is also rated for use on shingled roofs.

The Imperial 4-in premium roof vent cap has a built-in damper system and a plastic screen to prevent pests from entering the attic. It also has a taller design that is suitable for snow-covered roofs. Its seamless one-piece base makes installation easy and secure. Unlike other roof vent caps, the Imperial 4-in premium roof vent cap is also made of durable galvanized steel and ships by SIM Supply Inc.