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Types of Flat Roof Lights

There are several types of flat roof lights. Some are walk-on, while others are slid or pyramid in shape. Here are some benefits of each type. When choosing a flat roof light, you should also consider the design of your home and the area where you want to install it. If you want natural light, choose one made of aluminium or another durable material. These are less likely to warp, crack, or rot.


Flat roof skylights are structures that act like an opening in the ceiling or roof of a building. These windows allow extra ventilation and natural light to lager areas, and can provide up to three times more light than vertical uPVC windows. Skylights have been around for centuries, and can be found in both modern and older buildings. Here are some of the pros and cons of skylights for flat roofs.

Glass skylights are the all-rounders of skylights for flat roofs. They provide optimal light incidence into a room, flooding it with up to three times more sunlight than a facade window. They’re energy efficient, and the best solution for people who want more natural light without sacrificing design. Glass skylights come in aluminum or plastic frames, and they are available with different glazing options. Double glazing helps block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, as well as seventy percent of radiant heat.

Walk-on rooflights

The Flushglaze Walk On is a fixed, high-quality, commercially manufactured rooflight for flat roofs. Designed to withstand domestic foot traffic, this walk-on rooflight gives an uninterrupted view of the interior. Unlike the normal walk-on rooflight, its glass is flush with the decking and provides a view that is frameless and unobstructed by the window’s frame. Alternatively, if the rooflight is only used for external use, it can be installed at one degree of pitch so that the glass is flush with the decking.

Duplus Walk-on rooflights are designed with enhanced security in mind. They are constructed with an extruded aluminium perimeter frame. RAL colour options are available on request, as are Avant-Garde anti-slip external glass treatments. The walk-on rooflight is delivered fully-assembled, but it is best to have a builders kerb before putting in the rooflight. Once it is installed, the surrounding flooring should be finished.

Sliding rooflights

Sliding rooflights for flat roofs are designed to provide extra natural light and ventilation to the rooms below. These modern rooflights come with a manual override facility, which means you can close the rooflight manually if the power fails. They are made of clear toughened safety glass and are HEATSOAKED for exceptional thermal performance. True Ud-values are available upon request.

The Natralight bi-parting slide opening type rooflight provides a solution for restricted roof space, by enabling the maximum opening area. This model is constructed using slim profile Aluminium glazing supports with double glazed clear Glass units to achieve an exceptional U-value. Slide rooflights can be operated manually or electrically by a low voltage belt drive system, and come with a chequer-plate tread board to reduce the risk of slipping when accessing the roof.

Pyramid skylights

Pyramid skylights for flat roofs are an architecturally appealing alternative to traditional fixed rooflights. They can be glazed to fit many specifications, from obscured glazing for privacy to solar control glazing to maximize light transmittance. And because of their durable aluminum frames, they are more energy efficient than other rooflights. But what makes them unique? Here’s a quick look. You may be surprised by how unique they are!

The first thing to know about these skylights is how they work. First, they provide ventilation for the interiors even when the building is unoccupied. Another benefit of opening skylights is that they provide point-of-access to the flat roof. Roof access skylights offer maximum floor space while still delivering the same amount of natural daylight as a traditional opening rooflight. This roof access skylight’s structure can create multiple polyamide thermal breaks for outstanding thermal performance.