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Reviewed: Redwing Work Boots

redwing work boots

If you’re looking for work boots, Redwing is a name you’re likely familiar with. The company is based in Red Wing, Minnesota, and was founded in 1905 by Charles H. Beckman. The name “Red Wing” is a reference to the Minnesota town’s rich textile heritage, as well as its manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Today, Redwing work boots are among the leading brands of safety boots in the United States.

Moccasin toe

Founded in the upper Midwest, Red Wing and Thorogood made work boots for laborers and miners. In the 1950s, Red Wing introduced their own line of moccasin-toed boots, a nod to the Native American cultures that lived in the area. Red Wing was named after Chief Mdewakanton of the Mdewakanton tribe. These work boots are now synonymous with the style.

A moc-toed boot has a leather or elastic upper that covers the toes. They usually end at the ankle bone. Moc-toed boots were originally designed to protect toes and provide more room and flexibility at the front part of the foot. Their name derives from the soft leather uppers and not the toe of the wearer. It is important to note, however, that moccasin-toed shoes have a higher risk of injury than other types of work boots.

Traction Tred outsole

The lightweight version of the iconic work boot features a Vibram(r) Litebase outsole and a flat-bottom for superior stability and comfort. They feature non-metallic safety toe protection and best-in-class slip resistance. The leather upper extends up the calf, while the suede leather collar provides extra comfort. Designed to perform well on heat-resistant surfaces, HRO soles prevent melting even at 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vibram is a brand of rubber outsoles that are known for their quality. Most Red Wing work boots are made with a Goodyear-welt construction, which is a patented process that makes them resistant to water and other elements. The company also uses eight different lasts, including the iconic Moc Toe style, which is self-explanatory. A large rubber wedge at the top of the boot provides substantial cushioning.


If you work in a demanding environment or need a pair of comfortable redwing work boots, you may be wondering which ones are the most comfortable. Redwing boots are made of high-quality leather and have a goodyear welt construction. Goodyear welt construction allows you to quickly replace or repair the outsole. It also helps prevent the boots from tearing or falling apart. This construction also means that they are durable enough to withstand tough work environments.

For those who are more comfortable wearing leather, the Heritage Blacksmith model is perfect. This boot features premium leather and a Goodyear welt reinforcement to prevent it from tearing apart. The leather also boasts Texon technology, which gives the shoes added cushioning. This prevents tiredness due to long standing. The leather also has an air permeable lining, which means that they can keep your feet dry and prevent diseases that might arise from the damp environment.


When it comes to the durability of Redwing work boots, they have it all. From rubber to leather, each boot is constructed with different components to make them as comfortable as possible. The midsoles are made with a hard material that takes longer to break in, but they’re more durable than a soft one. The goodyear welt construction is also a crucial element of the durability of Redwing work boots. In addition to being weather resistant, the boots can be resoled as well, making them an extremely versatile option for a variety of situations.

The Red Wing Shoe Company is a privately owned corporation based in Red Wing, Minnesota. They manufacture the Heritage line of work boots in the U.S., as well as Irish Setter Boots, Vasque, and Worx. The company’s headquarters are located on 314 Main Street, across from its original shoe store. The company continues to strive to produce the highest quality work boot for workers around the world.


When it comes to the price of Red Wing work boots, you have several options. The Heritage Blacksmith is a classic, streamlined style that elevates without being too dressy. It also comes in brown leather, which looks more relaxed than black. The black color makes it an excellent choice for a work environment, but if you prefer to look more stylish, you can pick the Blacksmith in a different color. That way, you can wear them to the office without worrying about the price tag.

A good pair of Red Wing work boots can be more expensive than other brands. But, if you plan on wearing them for years, the extra money can pay off. High-quality footwear can be expensive, but they mold to your foot and last a long time. So, if you have the budget for a high-quality pair of Red Wing work boots, consider buying the 405 waterproof version instead. It will keep your feet dry, comfortable, and give you that workwear look.