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Red Wing Pull on Boots

red wing pull on boots

If you want a comfortable and durable pair of work boots, try Red Wing pull on boots. Unlike lace-up boots, these don’t require a lace up, and they’re specially molded by master cobblers to prevent looseness and discomfort. The combination of the inherent benefits of pull-on boots with work boot technology from Red Wing is one that is second to none. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying these boots:

Classic Moc 875

These iconic pull on boots are back! Just like the 877, the 875 is made of premium leather, and features a Goodyear welt construction and a triple stitched upper. They are also water resistant, making them a good choice for any type of outdoor activity. A great choice for hiking, trekking, or just about any outdoor activity, the 875 has an elegant look and feel.

No. 8 bump toe last

The No. 8 bump toe last from Red Wing is the company’s oldest and most popular last, helping build many of the company’s best-selling boots and shoes. The last, originally designed for steel-toe products, was later used for soft-toe products, as well. It provides a snug fit in the toe, heel, and mid-foot areas. This makes Red Wing boots and shoes a comfortable choice for people of varied foot types.

Vibram 430 mini lug sole

The Vibram 430 Mini Lug Sole is the pared-down version of the classic commando lug sole that provides traction and comfort. The Mini Lug sole is found on the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot. Its heeled design is scored where it is not lugged. It is certified to provide maximum grip. Its durability is impressive for this type of boot.

Copper Rough and Tough leather

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of work boots that’s stylish and rugged, the Red Wing 3414 Inez Copper Rough and Tough leather pull on boots are an excellent choice. Designed to enhance the feminine silhouette of a pair of boots, the 3414 Inez is a reinterpretation of the Pecos from the company’s heritage collection. The Pecos boot is a traditional cowboy boot developed in the United States, which is where the Inez comes from. Its feminine silhouette and Copper Rough & Tough leather feature premium leather from S.B. Foot Tannery.

No. 23 last

The No. 23 last is an important design feature for the Iron Ranger, Red Wing’s top-selling pull-on boot. The last, or foot mold, is shaped to fit the unique shape of your foot, and provides extra room in the instep and forefoot. These boots are not for skinny feet, but those with slightly higher insteps should consider purchasing the No. 210 last.


To find the perfect pair of boots, you must know the sizes of both men and women’s Red Wing pull on boots. Red Wing boots usually come in B and D fittings, but some styles are sold in E width as well. If you’re not sure about the correct sizing, you can order half sizes. Generally, women’s Red Wing pull on boots are a medium size, while men’s sizes range from 7 to 16 with half sizes available.

Repair services

Repair services for red wing pull on boots are an excellent option for restoring your beloved Red Wing pull on boots. These classic boots last decades, but they do need a little TLC from time to time. The leather, inner lining, and outer sole of these boots are susceptible to damage. The pressure of the wearer’s foot can cause them to lose lustre and colour. If you’re in the market for a new pair, make sure to schedule an appointment with a repair service.