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Red Wing Engineer Boots

red wing engineer boots

In 1936, Red Wing Shoes invented the Engineer boot for railroad workers. Still based in Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wing Shoes was founded by a shoe merchant named Charles Beckman. Beckman designed footwear for heavy industries, and opened his store in 1905. These days, red wing engineer boots are among the most popular footwear options for men in the industrial field. Read on to learn more about the history of this iconic American footwear.

Iron Ranger

Iron Rangers, or red wing engineer boots, are great for the worksite. These boots are comfortable and durable, and are available in two widths. They are triple stitched to prevent tearing, and they are designed to fit a wide range of feet. While the Classic Engineer may not look as handsome as the Iron Rangers, its narrower silhouette is perfect for suits. Dark brown leather Red Wing Iron Ranger boots are appropriate for any season, and can be paired with a light grey suit.

One downside to these boots is that they tend to get scratched easily. They don’t look perfect right off the bat, so make sure you choose a pair with a vulcanized sole. However, these boots are tough and stand up to tough working conditions and weather changes. Not only are they good for riding bikes, but they also make great engineer boots. If you don’t ride bikes, these boots are definitely worth a try.


If you are looking for the right pair of boots for work or play, you should look no further than the 9060 Red Wing Engineer Boots. This collection of handcrafted leather boots features classic styles that are suitable for both work and recreation. A great pair of these boots can make your life easier and will ensure that you’re comfortable and safe while doing your job or playing outside. These boots are made from high-quality leather and feature a steel toe for traction and safety.

The design of the 9060 Red Wing engineer boot makes it a perennial favorite, especially the leather, which is teacore. This material ages beautifully, developing a rich patina. It plays well with tonal stitching and enamel hardware, ensuring that these boots will last for many years to come. The leather also reflects the light, making them perfect for working in the mud. The boots are crafted using high-grade leather, which requires more care than standard leather.


The Red Wing Engineer Boots 9893 were designed to honor the classic moc toe boot. These boots were introduced in 1952. They are built in a moccasin style, but with a flat bottom wedge sole. The Engineer Boots were initially intended for railroad workers, and are designed to protect the feet from the harsh elements on the tracks. They have a steel toe for added protection. The iron ranger’s boots are also made of high-quality leather.

The 9077 boot is based on the popular style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These boots are made using the Mil-1 last, which is ideal for military officers. The 9077 is more traditional than most other Red Wing boots, and is made of lightweight Black Cherry “Featherstone” leather that is tanned at the S.B. Foot Tannery in Featherstone Township, Minnesota. The outsoles are made of left-over cord mixed with rubber.

Black Klondike

A pair of Red Wing Engineer boots should have steel toes to protect your feet from hazardous materials. They combine the comfort of an oxford with the strength of a work boot. This classic style has been around for nearly a century and is now available in custom Black Klondike leather. This color reveals a rich brown underneath the black overdye and is only available from STAG.

If you are looking for a mid-level boot, look no further than the 2966 model from Red Wing. This model is based on the classic design of the 2268. It has a similar shape and profile, but it features the brand’s popular Klondike leather. This leather is double-tanned, stacked, and dyed a rich, black color. The Black Klondike color is extremely durable and will age beautifully.