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metals inc rooftop walkway system

metal rooftop walkway system

When constructing a metal rooftop walkway system, there are many different ways to approach the project. Many people choose to kit, stage, or preassemble large portions of the project. In some cases, a company can purchase all the necessary materials and provide engineering drawings. If a homeowner does it themselves, however, they may choose to use a company that kits and stages the installation. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

Kee Walk

Kee Walk provides a safe, non-slip surface on any sloping or flat roof. The modular design can be easily configured to suit your specific requirements. The Kee Walk system can be used safely alongside different hazards, including tripping hazards, eaves, and other roof features. This product also works well in combination with other Kee Safety products. The system is suitable for sloping and barrel roofs.


The VantageWalk metal rooftop walkway system is designed to fit various types of metal roof sheet profiles. Some installations will require bearers. These walkways offer excellent safety conditions for workers on the roof and keep roof sheets in good condition. The WireSafe system ensures the safety of pedestrians as they walk across the roof. The patented VantageWalk design makes it easy for professionals to access all areas of the roof. Here is a brief overview of the benefits of this walkway system.


A METALWALK(r) metal rooftop walkway system is the gold standard in safe access to the roof. It provides safe access to rooftop equipment, eliminates the risk of damaging the roof panels, and is easy to install using S-5! clamps. Its 18 GA galvanized steel planks are anti-skid, and the system comes with a CAD drawing detailing support locations, roof attachments, and overall walkway layout.


A metal rooftop walkway system is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. It provides a sturdy, safe walking surface, while protecting the rooftop from damage. The walkways’ structural steel structure evenly distributes the load created by foot traffic. The walkways also create a clearly marked path, preventing roof damage. You may also be interested in some of the accessories that are available for walkways. Learn more about the benefits of a metal rooftop walkway system by reading on.

Kee Walk with Guardrail

A Kee Walk with Guardrail metal rooftop walkway provides a safe and level pathway on rooftops without compromising rooftop integrity. With a modular design, Kee Walks feature single and double sided handrails, which provide the highest level of collective fall protection. In addition to enhancing worker safety, Kee Walks can be easily installed and configured for a variety of roof surfaces. These systems also reduce the need for personal protective equipment, including harnesses and helmets.


A KATTWALK(tm) metal roof walkway system provides a safe walkway around the rooftop and reduces the risk of slipping on a slanted or uneven roof. It is made of lightweight, noncorrosive aluminum with mill finish treads. It is ready for shipment or can be customized on-site. It can be used on a variety of slopes, from flat to 35 degrees.

S-5! clamps

S-5! clamps for metal rooftop walkway systems are compatible with most architectural and structural profiles. The zero-penetration model is the best choice for attaching walkways and other rooftop accessories. The regular-sized clamps are best for mounting walkways, cable trays, and snow retention devices. Smaller clamps are perfect for mounting common rooftop accessories such as cable trays and umbrellas. This article will discuss how to use S-5! clamps for metal rooftop walkway systems.

Anti-slip treads

Combined with an anti-slip roof membrane, an anti-slip rooftop walkway system provides a safe route for workers, while minimizing damage to the roofing surface. The WalkSafe rooftop walkway system is made from recycled PVC and incorporates an anti-slip tread for exceptional slip resistance and durability. The system is ideal for use on traditional roofing systems, roof valleys, and half-valleys.

Compatible with all horizontal lifeline systems

The primary goal of horizontal lifeline systems is to prevent fall injuries and protect workers from the impact of falling objects. These systems can be installed on concrete or steel and are compatible with anchorage connectors of all kinds. Many models are available in simple, durable designs, which are ideal for rough working environments. Some models can support up to three workers at a time, while others are customized for specific applications. If your workplace uses these systems, you need to make sure you choose the right type.

Installation time

A metal rooftop walkway system is a great way to protect employees and prevent damage to the roof. Different designs and materials are appropriate for different applications, but the most important factor is the way the walkway attaches to the panels. Using S-5! clamps, walkways are secured permanently to standing seam profiles while ensuring they do not breach warranties. A walkway also offers additional safety features, such as guardrails. To learn more about rooftop walkway systems, visit the KATTWALK(tm) website.