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Metal Roofing Boots

It is a good idea to wear metal roofing boots when walking on a roof, but there are certain things you should know about them before purchasing them. To get the best ones, you should consider features that will maximize safety, protection, and comfort. In addition, it is good to read customer reviews for the footwear that you’re considering. Ask around and read recommendations from friends and family. Some websites also have reviews from actual people who have actually used the shoes.

Cougar Paws Roofing Boot Flagship Model


Merrell metal roofing boots are designed for use on asphalt and steel roofs and feature a lace-up closure, foam insole, protective toe rand, EVA midsole, molded nylon arch shank, padded tongue, and fabric lining. The boots’ air cushioning adds stability and absorbs shock. The lace-up closure ensures that the boots remain securely on your feet, while preventing injury.

The Mamba II has excellent comfort and features a metal eyelet for security. The mid-cut style offers good ankle support and breathability. The leather/mesh upper is durable and provides decent protection. However, the mid-cut design may lead to tearing after prolonged wear and tear. A pair of Merrell Mamba 2 boots, on the other hand, is comfortable and features a Vibram outsole. A pair of these shoes is an excellent choice for any metal roofing job.

Timberland PRO

Among the many benefits of a pair of Timberland PRO metal roofing boots is their comfort. The boots’ soft leather upper makes it easy to move around on the sloping roof. They are made of 100% waterproof leather, with a 1.5-inch-thick slip-resistant heel. They are made to withstand temperatures of up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. They also come with a waterproof lining, a contoured shock diffusion plate, and an antimicrobial treatment.

 A thick and premium-quality outsole is essential to protect your feet while working on the roof. These boots should have treads for more traction and efficiency. The outsole should be water and slip-resistant, as well as have good traction. While choosing a pair of Timberland PRO metal roofing boots, make sure to pay attention to its material and design. They should be comfortable, and should not cause excessive damage to the roof.

Cougar Paws SteelWalker

Cougar Paws roofing shoes and particularly the SteelWalker metal roofing shoes are designed with powerful magnets embedded in the soles to grip steel sheets while you work on a steel roof. They are also comfortable and durable with a rubber sole. You won’t need to purchase replacement boots or pads. If you’re not sure whether these shoes will be suitable for your job, you can try them on the bottom of a ladder and test them out to determine their suitability for your needs.

The high-quality DDTX outsole and the rubber midsole provide excellent traction and durability. A removable foam insole offers great underfoot support. The mesh lining keeps your feet dry, and the no-tie shoelace design makes putting them on and off a breeze. If you’re working in a humid or hot environment, these boots may be just what you need. Regardless of which style you choose, you’ll be happy you made the investment.

Ever Boots

If you’re working on a roof, Ever Boots’ metal roofing boots can be a great investment. Made of premium textile material, these work boots have a rubber sole and excellent grip, similar to the Thorogood roofings boots. They also feature an ASTM-approved welted construction and a weather-resistant outsole, which resists oil, abrasion, and water. In addition, they have a removable, cushioned footbed for ultimate comfort. The boot’s toe clip also helps it feel lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

Whether you’re working in a dry or wet environment, you’ll need a pair of sturdy boots. Work boots should be thick and breathable. Choose ones with a tread design for better efficiency. You don’t want to wear shoes that can be slippery and don’t breathe, either. Instead, opt for sturdy, slip-resistant boots that provide solid traction. And don’t go for cheap boots!