Everything You Need To Know About Metal Roof Shingles

//Everything You Need To Know About Metal Roof Shingles

Everything You Need To Know About Metal Roof Shingles

You will probably pick traditional asphalt shingles when you need an aesthetically rich and durable roof. In fact, you’d never thing that metal roof shingles existed. However, they do and they offer plenty of great advantages for property owners.

Metal roof shingles work share properties with sheet and standing seam roofs. However, corrugated ones look quite plain and somewhat industrial. Standing seams offers added durability and curb appeal. In contrast, they make a property look modern than traditional.

Shingles made of metal combine the best of both worlds to deliver excellent curb appeal and almost a century of longevity. Read more about them here.

Different Types of Materials

The material dictates the longevity and durability of metal roofs. However, each material has their own pros and cons. Know more about them here.


Aluminum is expensive. However, this trait makes them investments rather than luxuries. Indeed, aluminum metal shingle roofs are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and offer great durability. Without the ability to rust, you’ll never need a roof repair or replacement again… or so it would seem.

If you live in windy areas, aluminum is not a good option. They will be caught up in windstorms and dislodge themselves. In addition, they fall behind the durability of galvalume and galvanized steel. However, they won’t easily break after a strong hailstorm either.

metal roof shingles

Manufacturers now have the technology to cut metal roof shingles to have the same shape as tile roofs. Coating allows them to improve the curb appeal and convincing quality of metal tile roofs

Galvalume Steel

Galvalume is carbon or iron steel metal roof shingles combined with an aluminum and zinc alloy. Although only second to aluminum in corrosion resistance, it is heavier and durable against strong windstorms.

However, galvalume easily scratches. In addition, its edges aren’t smooth-cut unlike galvanized steel. In digression, galvalume comes with a manufacturer’s coat aimed to prolong its lifespan and protect it from scratches.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is the traditional “hot-dipped” carbon or iron steel alloy. They only have a zinc alloy that acts as metallic coating. Therefore, the zinc alloy is the first to corrode before the base metal. In some variations, the coating keeps elements away from the base material.

Most property owners choose galvanized steel because it is relatively the cheapest of all steel roofs. However, it isn’t the best choice for seaside properties. High-salt air regions will instantly corrode galvanized roofs.


Copper is expensive as roofing materials. However, they definitely give the property the curb appeal it needs. In fact, it is more expensive than aluminum. Luxurious mansions use copper roofs to cover their entire properties.

For average residential properties, copper functions as an accent. Their distinct color makes them noticeable. In fact, it immediately adds a touch of elegance. Unfortunately, water run-off from copper roofs will stain other metal roofs, bricks, and doorways.

Metal Roofing Shingle Styles

Metal shingle roofs come in the same appearance as asphalt shingles. However, you have a variety of shingle styles. In fact, you can have an authentic, traditional residential look with the added benefits of metal roofs with the following styles.

Asphalt Shingle

Metal roofs come with a manufacturer’s additive coating. It is responsible for prolonging the lifespan and durability of the material. Some manufacturers advise partner contractors to apply paint to emulate asphalt shingles.

Manufacturers cut the metal shingles into three-tab pieces. Then, they coat it with the same palette as asphalt roofs. Lastly, the coating will provide added UV, insulation, and curb appeal.

metal slate tiles

Slate tiles are known for their fish scale-like quality. Metal roof shingles can be cut in the same manner and deliver the same appeal with additive coating.

Architectural Shingles

Many institutional rehabilitation projects use architectural shingles. Manufacturers will custom-cut these shingles to fit the aesthetic of the institutional property in question. Then, additional coating provides a traditional architectural shingle curb appeal.

Aside from institutions, residential and commercial property owners can take advantage of the durability of metal and emulated traditional patterns. If architectural shingles fit the aesthetic of your home or commercial property, make it a point to use them.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are common among traditional Mediterranean and European properties. In fact, during the early periods, masons know clay tiles for their durability and longevity.

Nowadays, you can still have clay tiles for your property. However, you may want to consider metal roof shingles. Metal clay tiles emulate the appearance of its renowned predecessor. In addition, it adds the exceptional capabilities of metal to extend its lifespan and durability for a very long time.

Slate Tiles

Metal roof shingles emulate slate tiles effectively too. Metal roof manufacturers will cut the material in the same fish scale-like appearance of slate tiles. In addition, coating additives make them appear like the traditional material.

Slate tiles have an exotic appeal. Technology helps metal roof manufacturers recreate this appeal with metal roofs. Additionally, property owners enjoy the lengthened lifespan of their traditional yet modern roofs.

metal tile roofs

Nowadays, you can enjoy the benefits of traditional clay and asphalt shingle roofs with the added durability and longevity of metal roofs.

Why Choose Metal Roof Shingles For Your Home?

Metal roofs have their respective advantages. However, what makes metal roof shingles the best roof for your property?


Metal roof shingles can last up to 40-70 years. In contrast, traditional material such as asphalt shingles or clay tiles only have 12-20 years inclusive of maintenance.

Alloys allow galvalume and galvanized roofs to protect the base steel material. In addition, it gives the house added insulation. This property helps it survive multiple hailstorms too.

wood shake roof

Metal roof shingles can emulate wood shake roofs with additive coating.


Aluminum is an excellent metal material. It has a long lifespan of more than 70 years. If installed in a proper location with weak winds, its non-rustic capabilities prevent it from corroding. In addition, it expands and contracts in small increments.

Aside from aluminum, galvalume and galvanized steel have enough reinforced material to protect properties from multiple hailstones. In addition, it still retains its life expectancy without any issues.


Metal roof shingles offer a variety of styles. Therefore, property owners can make their properties look traditional and modern while enjoying the benefits metal provides.

These metal-based shingles will not split, warp, mold, or rot. Contractors need only to re-apply coating every few years to retain the curb appeal of the property too.


Metal roof shingles might be an uncommon choice. However, it does have its huge benefits for property owners.

In addition, properties only enjoy these benefits with careful installation. Therefore, make it a point to use only the most reliable metal roof contractors.

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