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How to Put a Ladder on a Gutter

The first thing to know about cleaning gutters with a ladder is that you will be working at a great height. First remove your ladder from its roofing ladder hooks to stabilise you is a good idea. Before you buy a ladder, determine how high your roof is and the gutters’ height. This way, you will know what ladders to purchase. A 16-foot ladder should be enough for a one-story home. But, if you have a multi-story home, you may want to invest in a 30-foot ladder.

Step ladders shouldn’t be used for gutter cleaning

Step ladders shouldn’t be used for cleaning the gutters, especially if you live in a bungalow, as the roof is lower. When choosing a ladder, check that it meets Australian Safety Standards and is stable. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way, or it could be hazardous to fall. A safe working height is 4ft above the step, which means you should have three points of contact with the step.

Extension ladders

If you’re repairing your gutters, you may be tempted to lean an extension ladder against the gutters. But it’s best to avoid leaning against gutters altogether. This is because ladders are more likely to slip and dent gutters if they’re not sufficiently strong. Instead, lean your extension ladder against a solid wall or window, preferably a brick one. Alternatively, you can use a ladder stabilizer.

Using a ladder stabilizer

The first step to putting a ladder on a gutter is to ensure the stability of the ladder. If the ground beneath is soft or there are large objects on the ground, the ladder could become unbalanced. This could cause the ladder to topple over. To keep the ladder stable, place it near a gutter or eave. It should be on firm ground and should not rest on recently disturbed earth or mud.

Keeping a ladder level on a gutter

In order to ensure the safety of your work, make sure to keep your ladder stable on uneven ground. For this, the feet should be parallel to the rails of the ladder and can be placed in mud before positioning it against the building. Also, keep in mind to use the proper height of the ladder. If you are working on a gutter, never lean the ladder against the wall or gutter. For additional safety, consider using wood shims on the ladder to make it level. These shims will prevent your ladder from sagging or slipping sideways.

Choosing the right type of ladder

Choosing the right type of ladder to put in a gutter is important to ensure safety while cleaning it. Depending on the height of your home’s gutter, different types of ladders are better suited for different applications. For example, a one-storey house’s gutters are typically 3.3 meters tall, whereas a two-storey house’s gutters are usually 5.7 metres high.