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Conklin single ply membrane system

conklin single ply membrane system

For over three decades, the Conklin family of single-ply membrane systems has been trusted by contractors for high-quality performance and durability. Learn how the Conklin family has stood up to the demands of the commercial roofing industry. Here, we examine the pros and cons of each product. Also, find out which membrane is best for your application. Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did. Here’s a quick comparison of Conklin single-ply membrane systems.

Flexion XL(r)

When it comes to UL fire ratings and other requirements, the Conklin Single-Ply commercial Roofing System Flexion XL(r) is unmatched. It’s one of the industry’s strongest single-ply membrane systems. This system provides superior reflectivity and energy efficiency. Its innovative design provides superior durability and ease of installation. Unlike other single-ply membrane systems, Flexion is supported by an integrated, multi-ply slip sheet that prevents chemical reactions and bleed-through.

The Flexion XL was introduced to elite contractors in late November and will be integrated into Advanced Roofing Systems Training courses in early 2018. The system will be available for purchase in mid-2018. In August, Conklin and BASF Corporation announced a strategic alliance that will pave the way for future joint ventures in the commercial roofing industry. Conklin’s newest membrane system, Flexion XL(r), is a 60-mil PVC membrane designed specifically for the Conklin contractor. It is designed to offer building owners equal value and performance.

A unique PVC formulation and tough outer layer make the Conklin Single-Ply Membrane Roofing System an ideal choice for re-roofing applications. The Conklin Single-Ply Membrane System is highly flexible, fire-resistant, and requires no additional maintenance. Its favorable life cycle cost and 25-year material warranty make it the preferred choice for commercial and residential roofing projects alike.


The HyCrown single ply membrane from Conklin is a high-performance material that has many advantages. It is an ENERGY STAR(r) rated thermoplastic membrane that provides excellent protection against harsh weather elements. It is also recognized by major code approval agencies as an energy-efficient material. It is available in both 50-mil and 60-mil thicknesses and can be mechanically fastened or ballasted for versatility. This material is also 83 percent solar reflective and provides excellent protection from pollutants.

Hy-Crown single ply roofing membrane is a top-quality material that withstands harsh weather conditions and a broad range of chemicals. Typical commercial buildings emit chemicals from air conditioners, as well as airborne oil from restaurants. Hy-Crown can prevent roof erosion by offering superior protection against UV light and chemicals. Due to its durable composition, Hy-Crown has been a popular choice in the roofing industry for decades.

The Hy-Crown single ply membrane provides outstanding reflectivity and emissivity. The high reflectivity of Hy-Crown membrane helps reduce the cost of cooling a building’s interior. Additionally, certain states offer incentives for implementing light-colored roofing systems. This is because light colored roofing systems save energy, so a lighter-colored roof is more cost-effective.


The Conklin single ply membrane system, as a commercial roofing product Flexion, offers a unique combination of benefits. Designed for lightweight roof assemblies, Flexion is naturally fire-resistant and fortified with Elvaloy and DuPont. The flexible, insulating material also offers lower maintenance costs and is tax-deductible. Moreover, Flexion’s warranty period allows the system to pay for itself, which can be a substantial benefit for any building.

The flexibility of the Flexion single ply membrane allows the structure to bend and provides an excellent barrier to the elements. Its reinforced material is composed of a durable, 60-mil barrier that is resistant to UV rays. Its low-wicking fabric, meanwhile, has been designed to resist the ravages of moisture and fire. Another advantage of Flexion is that it is easy to maintain and provides an excellent life-cycle cost.

The rugged thermoplastic polyolefin membrane offers phenomenal defense against the environment. Exclusive TPO design with Kevlar reinforced fastening edge, non-moisture-wicking scrim material, and DuPont’s Elvaloy technology provides an affordable solution for commercial roofing construction and reroofing. Flexion can be applied over a variety of roof decks, including metal, tile, wood, and concrete.