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Commercial Roof Repair

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Roofing Repairs Are An Essential Part Of Your Maintenance Program

What’s the easiest way to avoid an expensive roof replacement? The answer is simple: Prompt roof repairs. Problems in your commercial roof don’t usually take place overnight. While very strong winds or a hail storm can damage your roof in an instant, most of the time it is the daily exposure to sun and outside elements that take a toll on your roof.

Roofing repairs are an essential part of your maintenance program. First, a licensed roofing contractor conducts a thorough inspection. A repair can be made on the same day as the inspection depending on the issues that your contractor finds. These problems can be fixed easily but when left unattended, may lead to serious damage. Here are common signs that indicate the need for an immediate roofing repair:

Plant Growth

Plant Growth

Plants don’t normally grow on roofs. If they do, it signifies the presence of moisture. Perhaps water is no longer draining properly. Watch out for drainage problems. When it rains, water should not stay on your roof longer than 48 hours.

Changes In Your Energy Bills

Changes In Your Energy Bills

If you notice that your utility bills have increased, it might be that the reflective coatings of your roof have faded. Also, consider the possibility of a water leak or punctures that led to air leaks.

Musty Odors And Mold Growth

Musty Odors And Mold Growth

Unexplained odors inside your building indicate a problem. Could it be the presence of mold due to water infiltration? Look out for water stains on your ceiling and walls. These are surefire signs of a roof leak.

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    These are just some of the many issues that call for roof repairs. Repairs usually need to be scheduled. You may view them as a waste of time but you can just imagine the hassle and expense of a replacement. Before you face the consequences of roof neglect, take responsibility today. Call Central Roofing Solutions (330-600-9142) for a free inspection and estimate.