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Choosing a Coating For Metal Roof

When choosing a coating for your metal roof, make sure you choose a durable and long-lasting product. This article will tell you about three different options. PERMAKOTE (r) Metal Roof Paint, Delta Starlite 500, and Delta Polyflex 5A. The benefits of each of these products are discussed. Choose the right coating for your metal roof and enjoy the benefits it offers. This will also make the roof last longer and provide greater protection for your property.

PERMAKOTE(r) Metal Roof Paint

Nationwide Protective Coatings has recently expanded its metal roof coating line with the addition of PERMAKOTE(r) Metal Roofing Paint, a matte, bright white elastomeric acrylic protective roof coating. This paint is ideal for metal roof systems and is water-based, has acrylic waterproofing technology, and meets CLASS A fire rating requirements. It is available in a variety of colors and can be used with company products such as Primer, Seam Tape, and Elastomeric Caulk.

PERMAKOTE(r) Metal Roofing Paint requires two coats to complete the coating process. One gallon of the product is enough for 100 to 150 square feet of metal roof. Additional products may be necessary for rough surfaces. To achieve the best results, use two coats of PERMAKOTE(r) Metal Roof Paint. If you are planning to have your new roof coated in the near future, the product can be applied at the same time as the existing coating.

Delta Starlite 500

The lifespan and appearance of your metal roof are directly influenced by the paint system and substrate you use. While Kynar 500 paint systems are slightly more expensive than SMP, the enhanced performance of these systems easily outweighs the additional cost. GALVALUME® is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc., and Delta Starlite® is a trademark of Arkema Inc., both internationally recognized manufacturers of high-quality paint systems for metal roofs.

Delta Polyflex 5A

When applying a coating to metal roofs, the first step is preparation. The roof should be dry, clean, and structurally sound. Proper preparation is essential for the best results. Personal protective equipment is a must. Goggles, hard hats, work boots, gloves, and safety harnesses are all essential for safety. You’ll also need all-purpose brushes, mallets, and push brooms.

The most effective way to extend the life of your metal roof is to protect it from the elements. Water affects any substance, including resins, and constant exposure to it can accelerate the fading process. Harsh pollutants in the air and acid rain can also cause fading. Many warranties don’t cover metal roofing when installed near water, so make sure to ask the manufacturer before purchasing. This way, you’ll know if your roof is protected and if you can expect any problems down the road.